It's gone :-(

Why is Antinokia Gone?

On 24/09/2012 I picked up my repaired Lumia 800 and lo and behold... it was still broken.

Belcompany was so kind to immediatly replace this still faulty unit with a brand new one. This at least restored my faith in Belcompany. And gave me proof that Nokia indeed was not the culprit in this experience. 


However, the dutch company Solid Vision who is handling the repairs for Nokia are whole other matter. Not only do they rip off customers with exorbitant repair fees, they can't even repair a part of a phone without breaking something else. I've never witnessed so much incompetence and amateurism as with this ordeal that lasted more than 2 months!


I hope that Nokia QUICKLY KILLS its relationship with these guys and find proper repair companies to deal with. 

BTW. I've already (26/09) sold this Lumia 800 second-hand. NO MORE Windows Phones for me... NEVER!


Beware: If you ever must deal with Solid Vision to repair your smartphone then get on your knees till they bleed and hope, pray, and beg to your god or gods that you'll ever get it back in good order. Amen! Solid Vision is even WORSE then DynaFix was.